Annexure I & II  


We are consulting the entire scheme of redevelopment and done the following job of required to Slum Rehabilitation Scheme through Kshitij Creation. Necessary Steps as follows ;



Annexure - I  means Proposal Submission :

  • Explain the SRA Scheme to the Slum Dwellers
  • Formulation of Proposed Society.
  • General Body Resolution (GBR)
  • GBR Photography and Viede shooting
  • Plane Table Survey with Structure Nos.
  • Required Remarks for SRA Scheme i.e.
  • Property Card
  • CTS Plan
  • D. P. Remark
  • A.E Survey Remark
  • E.E.T.C. Remark
  • Status of Road Remark
  • 7/12 extract with 6A (Ferfar)
  • K.J.P. Patrak etc.
  • Slum Declaration Copy
  • Appointment of Architect
  • All required document and letters by developer, society and Architect.


Annexure – II means Eligibility or Non-Eligibility of Slum Dwellers :

  • Make and Done All type of Agreements with Slum Dwellers and Developers and Society.
  • Individual Consent of Slum Dwellers
  • Consent and Affidavits of Slum Dweller for the purpose of SRA Scheme.
  • Required Documents of Slum Dwellers for the purpose of  Eligibility.
  • Required Voting List in the year 1995, 2000 and present year.
  • Indemnity Bond (Kshatipurti Band Patra) by Developer and Society.
  • Proper Survey done by The Concerned Authority to Ownership of Land.
  • Bio-Metric Survey with Photography & Video Shooting.
  • Issue the Annexure –II of the concerned Authority of the Land. i. e. The Dy.Collector, M.C.G.M., MHADA etc.
  • Annexure –II send to the by Process in SRA Development.

Other works and process will done by Kshitij Creation :

  • We have Done Society Registration.
  • Done the Road Demarcation.
  • Done the Plot Demarcation.
  • Non Eligible Structures’ Demolition by process of 33 and 38
  • Non-Eligible tenements are Eligible in process of SRA.
  • Slum Declaration Process.
  • Acquisition of plot or Land.
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